New unique album “Fall of the titans” is out

Fall of the titans


Fall of the Titans is a story-driven audiobook/music album from the visionary composer Millennium Falck. Millennium Falck has created an original story into his Neo Helsinki universe that will take the listener to the planet Mars where Neo Helsinki Robot Core and Hellraiser Militia wage bloody war over quartz.

Fall of the titans features a 20 track story that you can immerse yourself with + 14 amazing voice actors delivering a powerful dimension to the story.

Driver, your Robot Core is waiting. Step in and let’s see if you have what it takes to command a Robot Core Unit.

Please consider supporting me in Bandcamp, as you will get a PDF booklet + 3 bonus tracks that are not available anywhere else.

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Orbital Assault – Now available!


2nd single from my new album is now out. Stream Orbital Assault in your favourite platform from the link here


My first single from the anticipated story album “Fall of the Titans” is out now and it will be a bandcamp exclusive for the first two weeks.

“Last Ronin” gives you an immersive listening experience through the unique voice actors and music that reflects what is happening in the story.

Voice actors include talented people from all around the world. To name a few:
Levinsky, Gryff, Sapphira Vee, Machina X, Red Line Sky, Torsten Sy and many others.

Beautiful art was created by the lord of graphics Jimmy Synthetic.

This is a journey you do not want to miss, so join me and choose your side in this battle that will shape our past, present and future.

Greetins from the 2060, Mars.
Major Millennium Falck