Yes he does, rocking the synth, singing live and just doing amazing live shows.


1.2.2020 – Helsinki Synth City Winter Warmer

Tiivistämö in Suvilahti acts as the venue for Helsinki Synth City’s Winter Warmer event, in which four leading acts of Finnish synthwave provide the audience with an unforgettable night.
Millennium Falck serves a hefty dose of synthwave-laced future funk/nu disco from the 2080’s, guaranteed to make you put your best dance moves into play. Levinsky’s cinematic, intense and atmospheric music is complemented by Susanna Leinivaara’s theatrical dance performance combining contemporary dance, butoh and ballet. Glowline’s unchained rockstar stage presence and a danceable set consisting of earworm tunes leaves no one unimpressed. The night’s final act is Runaway Droid, whose hardrock-based space-themed synthwave takes the audience into an intergalactic orbit in no time.
The Helsinki Synth City Festival is brought to you by the Helsinki Synth City artist collective, a group of independent, uncompromising and likeminded artists.

Helsinki Synth City Winter Warmer Spotify playlist:



11.9.2019 – Helsinki Synth City Festival


Taking place at Helsinki’s famous Ääniwalli club on the 9th November, 2019, the inaugural Helsinki Synth City Festival treats the audience to the cutting edge of Finnish synthwave, topped off with the first ever performance of the luminous London-based German synthpop/synthwave singer-songwriter star NINA on Finnish soil. Nina Boldt, entitled with the nickname “Queen of Synthwave” was born and raised in Berlin, taking up singing at the age of 6, following a classical training as a teenager. Her sound is strongly rooted in the 80’s synth pop and new wave.

The King of Swedish synthwave, Robert Parker, will make his return to Helsinki. Originally a classically trained pianist, he is now one of the staple names in the global synthwave scene, skillfully blending his sound building on elements of the 80’s music and soundtracks as well as French house and disco.

People with a penchant for retrowave, synthwave, outrun, future funk, cyberpunk and darksynth genres won’t leave the club unsatisfied as Finnish acts Millennium Falck, Ace Buchannon, Kizunaut, Glowline, Levinsky, Runaway Droid and VVOV give it all they got in a sizzling series of sets during the course of the night. The Flashback Future DJ’s will also entertain the crowd with their tasteful and groovy sets guaranteed to make you move!

28.9.2019 Helsinki Synth City in Kontula


Helsinki Synth City saapuu Kontulan Bar Fiestaan esittämään Synthwave-musiikkia viiden artistin voimin!

Helsinki Synth Cityn syyskiertue räjäytetään käyntiin Kontulan Fiesta baarissa. Lauteilla Levinsky, Millennium Falck, Kizunaut, VVOV sekä Desert Monolith.

20:00 – Tapahtuma alkaa
21:00 – Desert Monolith
21:50 – Millenium Falck
22:40 – Levinsky
23:30 – Kizunaut
00:20 – VVOV

20.7.2019 Neo Kouvola


Blackened darksynth/EBM

Synthwave & Future Funk

Synthwave, Synthpop, Industrial

Cinematic dark postsynthwave

Techno & Drum’n’Bass


13.7.2019 Helsinki Synth City

Helsinki Synth City was our first ever Helsinki Synth City event

Millenium Falck
Ace Buchannon

6.7.2019 Satamax


SATAMAX an alternative to mainstream.

Music, Art and Dance
Less words and more action.
Come to enjoy yourself and culture,
join the club.

Line up
Millenium Falck LIVE

DJ XY / Ballet Mécanique
Minimal Wave (Vinyl set)

Shangfu / Turbo Time
New Beat (Vinyl set)

Mack The Producer / Neon80
Synthpop / Italo / HI NRG (Vinyl set)

12.4.2019 – Night Vision Festival – Möyhyveikot & Millennium Falck

23.3.2019 – Echo street sessions – Youtube stream