Collab songs

Millennium Falck has appeared in many songs as an featured artists by providing powerful vocals.


Mike Templar – Emergency

Runaway Droid – It’s my life (Bon Jovi Cover)

Hot Heels & Oceanside85 & Millennium Falck – Never Let Me go

Sleen Mp – Android like you


Driver86 – Romance Noir

Corrupted Machines – Falling

“No one really tells you the truth about life when you are growing up. We learn to adapt to the constant changes happening in our lives. We are not immune to sometimes falling down. Falling is a debut collaboration for Russian based Corrupted Machines and Finnish Millennium Falck. The song highlights the importance of mental health. Seeing a loved one fall down to the abyss is hard. Be careful not to think that you are immune to falling. Don’t let your loved ones fall.”

Corrupted Machines and Millennium Falck. 2019

The Less Dead – Lonely boys club

Magnavolt – Sarah