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Debut album Neo Helsinki FM

Neo Helsinki FM is your possibility to time travel to Neo Helsinki 2080. You will experience different times of a day in Neo Helsinki + the different radio shows and artificial intelligence hosts.

What people say about the album?


Tune your radio dials in for punchy kick drums, plucky synth stabs, and funky guitar licks and riffs. Millennium Falck has catchiest leads melodies this side of the galaxy. Neo Helsinki FM is an upbeat treat for the ears. There’s such a clear and fun vision for this record, complete with features and skits galore. Gives the whole project a wonderful sense of unity. Love it!

Favorite track: Sunshine in my eyes.

Henrik Hagerman (Arctic Mega Defender)

In a mind-bending merge of french house and synthwave, this album is a prime example of bending the rules without breaking them. It is filled to the brink with superb melodies which often have a retro-Scandinavian identity, consolidating the Falck trademark.

Favorite track: CyberDrive.

M.K. Khan

One of the best albums of the year, synthwave or otherwise — an absolutely immersive experience. Juha Falck performing as Millennium Falck will transport you to a different era. Well worth the wait, and well worth the listen.”

Kaarin Zoe Lee

It’s the year 2080 and you’re listening to the radio in Neo Helsinki. This is more than an album; this is an immersive experience. I particularly liked the ads! Fantastic project!

Favorite track: In the Gym.

Bronster Bridge

Do you hear that? This is Neo Helsinki FM and it means that now you are making a real journey through time. A journey in the future, where new things are added to the usual things, robotic and cybernetic.I want to say that Millennium Falck created a very good and interesting project, which somehow shows what is waiting for us in a few decades.

As for the music, this is a great flashback, and here I want to ask where did I travel? To the future from 2020, or back to 2080 ?

— Captain Bridge 🚀

Favorite track: Sunshine in my eyes.”


released April 20, 2020

Mixed: Millennium Falck
Produced: Millennium Falck
Mastered: Millennium Falck

All songs written by:
Juha Falck

Sunshine in my eyes by Millennium Falck, Bastard Beans & Larry Michaels
Written by:
Niklas Vainio
Erkka Herola
Lauri Mikkola
Juha Falck

Robot Walk by Millennium Falck, Tom Selica & AlphaMaxx
Written by:
Tero Niemi
Ville Vuohelainen
Juha Falck


High School Hötique

“Do you remember how cool high school was in the 2080’s? Stars shining bright in the night sky, driving around in your CyberTruck, falling in love for the first time, your first kiss and taking your first school trip to Mars.”

Luckily Millennium Falck helps you to remember with his latest single “High School Hötique” that will bring all those fond memories to life. Hear the sound of the future and take a trip to your grandchildren’s high school memories.


CyberTom is an homage to Touko Laaksonen who created Tom of Finland illustrations. CyberTom is an AI in Neo Helsinki and he runs all the coolest clubs. He is a saint for all in the LBGQT community.” The track’s sound mixes elements of 80s retro-future electronica, deep house, and synthwave.

Won’t stop (Hötique)

When the French started moving to Neo Helsinki in the 2080’s they adapted Finnish words. This song is an homage to the word Hötinä, which the French then transformed to a more sophisticated version aka Hötique.

Kessel Run

Imagine you are a courier in Neo Helsinki. You get on your bike to deliver a package through the dark alleys. You startup the engine and put this song on repeat.

Kallio Mixtapes 2080, Vol. 1

A musical interpretation of how the district of Kallio in Helsinki sounds like in the year 2080. Kallio in the 2080’s is filled with CyberYuccies who like futurefunk and oldschool floppy discs and cassettes. Beat Drop is the first song of the EP that portrays the discoteque scene of Kallio in the year 2080’s.


You make me better

Why won’t you love me now