Testimonials – What people say?

Kallio Mixtapes 2080, Vol1

Mixtapes vol1

Sami J Pumppanen @ Twitter

Beat Drop

Entering the club. Warming up. Looping. Opened the door and now looking around. There’s a nice contrast between the fat disco jam and more melodic synthetic parts. May take a few listens to see it!

I’m Onto You

Deeper, interesting. Mature clubbing. Steady flow throughout. I’m not sure putting out my words make the track any better, so just play it 🙂

Cold Head

Cool headed disco flow with extra warm bottom. Tempo is chilled but filled with energy. Low pass filtered bass loop, beautifully organic retro synth lead with bends and vibratos. It’s got 70’s human touch and all in it. Who knows, 2070? Before it happens, get on the floor, now!

You & She

Perr-fectt harr-monIE, as said in the sparse and harshly digital gritty but melodic vocoded lyrics. This is easier on the tempo, something I like to call romantic club. Hard to find a comparison, but if you began to think about Sade, this is nothing like it! 🙂 The chord progression with the vocal melody wrap up a package that forms a bubble in my head. A bubble I want to give a spin again. Continuity. It’s there. We need that in order to reach the year 2080.

Why won’t you love me now?

Released 24.8.2018

Why won't you love me now - Single cover art

This is amazing! The beat accompanies the vocals very well! I could listen to this everyday! Its instrumental is to die for, as it’s simple, yet works well with the vocals! And reminds me of early 2010, as it makes me imagine the aesthetic of it! 10/10

Interesting start. It catches the ear and it sounds very intriguing and makes me want to hear more about where this song is going. I love the happy beat. Ah YES! The words are fun and the voice is playful, young, hip, street, friendly. I really like this song! Great job! 10/10

This beat is fire! I really like it. Especially the louder beats that go along with the rhythm. The whistling sound sounds great and fits the song really well. Beautiful voice that fits so well with the background and production. It sounds like a song I would play at a rave and get everyone hyped about. It sounds really good and I can appreciate the passion and feeling that is put into the song. The distant sounds in the song help contrast so many things within it and bring others out. Love it! 10/10

“This is the best song that I have ever heard in my life. The voice of singer is so great that I can keep listening to it all the time. The melody is really a masterpiece because it enlighten my mind and my soul. I also want to dance to this song. The lyrics are so fantastic and meaningful that i can not stop listening to it. 10/10